Royal Sovereign Laminators

Since 1986, Royal Sovereign has been delivering quality and innovative wide format graphic finishing solutions. Royal Sovereign makes multi-functional, everyday laminators. The signmakers choice, great for laminating, mounting and pre-masking.  Add heat assist for faster production or add a rear rewinder & front feeder for roll to roll lamination. 
RSH-380SL 15” Thermal Tabletop Laminator

Holds thermal film rolls over 7.5" diameter, The standard De-Curler bar will help to eliminate wrinkling or curling during high speed single sided lamination. A compact design requiring little maintenance we be a long-lasting addition to digital print finishing solutions

$2,205.00 $1,764.00

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RSL-2701 27” Tabletop School Laminator

Two hot rollers will heat thermal film up to 3 mil and will encapsulate a variety of digital prints while two pull rollers will help to keep the encapsulated media from curling Expands the range of possible cutting media such as thick film. Software and stand included.

$3,295.00 $2,255.00

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RSC-820CLS 32" Cold Roll Laminator

Optimal laminating width of 32”, A maximum production speed of over 8 feet per minute and a Quick Notch gap adjustment provides a versatile range of finishing possibilities. The compact footprint requires minimal maintenance is easy to assemble and is easy to use.

$3,465.00 $2,772.00

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RSl-2702S 27" Thermal Dual Hot and Cold Laminator

A compact 27” version of the Thermal Laminators, a versatile addition to any shop. Convenient features include the rear cross cutter for quick separation of finished material and a Quick Notch Gap Adjustment for raising and lowering the lamination rollers up 3/16”. 

$3,725.00 $2,980.00

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RSC-1401CLTW 55” Cold Roll Entry-Level without Heat Assist Laminator

Adjust the roller gap from laminating mode to a 5/8” gap, the high quality silicon rollers are capable of reaching production speeds of over 16 feet per minute. This low-cost laminator is easy to assemble with minimal maintenance required.

$5,250.00 $4,200.00

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RSC-1402CW 55” Cold Roll Laminator with Rear Rewinder

This versatile laminator has a 1” mounting gap and is capable of reaching production speeds of up to 6 feet per minute. The high production speed and included Rear Rewinder effortlessly laminate long runs or vehicle wraps without the worry of media drifting or dropping to the floor

$7,035.00 $5,628.00

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RSC-1402HW 55” Cold Roll Laminator with Heat Assist with Rear Rewinder

Adjustable nip setting from lamination to 1” with 6 common heights in-between. A rear remote, user friendly digital controls and emergency stops allow users to the control the unit from virtually any angle. Provides long lasting flexible finishing solutions.

$7,560.00 $6,048.00

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RSC-1651LS 65” Cold Roll Laminator without Heat Assist

 A durable motor and why quality silicon rollers will allow users to laminate at speeds of over 16 feet a minute. Design for ease of use, user friendly digital controls and the quick notch gap adjustment take the guess work out of laminating and mounting your digital prints.

 $8,400.00 $6,720.00

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RSC-1651LSH is 65” Laminator with Heat Assist

 A versatile platform allows for mounting up to 1” while enabling roll to roll lamination (front feeder and rear rewinder sold separately) at speeds of over 16 feet per minute.A Quick Notch gap adjustment system will enable users to set the nip from lamination to 1” in seconds with 6 convenient increments in-between. 

$9,450.00 $7,560.00

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RSH-1151 45” Thermal Dual Hot & Cold Laminator

Upper and lower media supply shafts will hold thermal film rolls of up to 10 mil for encapsulation or load the upper supply shaft with pressure sensitive film and use the release liner take up for cold lamination. The included Foot Pedal, rear facing Remote and convenient Cross Cutter all add comfort and convenience to the production experience.

$10,820.00 $8,656.00

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RSH-1151 65” Thermal Dual Hot & Cold Laminator

The front thermal rollers can be independently regulated to ensure the correct dwell times while the rear pull rollers help to prevent wrinkling or curling of the finished product. Preprogram up to 9 different speed and temperature settings. Add the optional Front Feeder and Rear Rewinder to achieve true roll to roll lamination or encapsulation.

$12,025.00 $9,620.00

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Paramount 65X 65" Pneumatic Laminator

Pneumatic pressurized rollers offer trouble free lamination. Maximum speeds reach nearly 20 ft./min and includes a rear take-up. Safety features include a photoelectric eye and easily accessible emergency stops. The heavy duty foot pedal with and rear facing remote allows for hands free operation, especially useful when mounting substrates up to 1.2”

$13,860.00 $11,880.00

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RSC-5500H 55” Professional Series Laminator with Heat Assist

A Heat Assist top roller and heavy duty silicon rollers allow production speeds of 28 feet per minute. The included front feeder and 2 rewinder (front and rear facing) enable users to achieve high volume roll to roll production while a 2” gap provides the versatility to mount a variety of different substrates.

$13,860.00 $11,880.00

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RSC-5500H 65” Professional Series Laminator with Heat Assist

Designed to withstand the rigors of large volume production. A flip table provides ease of access to the front feeder and front rewinder while a rear facing remote allows control of Run, Stop and Reverse . The FilmSaver automatically slows down the rollers when media is not detected to avoid unnecessary film waste

$15,750.00 $12,600.00

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