NEW Corostakes

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DESCRIPTION: The Corostake™ is the superior alternative to the traditional 30” metal H-wire frames commonly used today. It features dual wire ground entry points for easy insertion into hard ground and gravel, and two metal posts to support coroplast signage. The body of the Corostake™ is manufactured with fiberglass-reinforced recycled composite giving the stake increased durability and strength. The Corostake™ features rigid crossmembers can be utilized as a step and handle to assist in installation and 5” galvanized wires to secure the substrate and anchor the stake in the ground. Our testing has shown that 5” is the ideal length to secure the sign substrate while allowing the substrate to flex slightly in windy conditions. We have found longer wires to be less effective as they do not allow the substrate to flex which can cause the sign to permanently bend over. As demands for quality signs and intricate graphics continues to grow, use a stake that holds the sign higher, doesn’t rust, has no broken welds, and ultimately is a higher quality, more attractive, purpose-built product. We believe that the sign is only as good as the holder that is used to display it. The best part? We’ve priced the Corostake™ at the same average market price of the flimsy metal wires you have grown tired of.

DIMENSIONS: 29 3/8” tall x 7 3/4” wide.

RECOMMENDED SIZE/TYPE OF SIGNAGE: The Corostake™ is designed for use with 4mm coroplast. Recommended substrate dimensions for all conditions should not exceed 18” x 24”. With larger substrates we recommend using two stakes to support.