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Wholesale Carved HDU 

Create beautiful carved HDU Signs ready for you to paint. Carved Signs have multiple layers and are typically carved out of HDU (High Density Urethane). The characters may be raised or recessed. You may also simulate textures like wood grain. Second side is half price. 

  • $38 per ft2  for 1" Carved HDU
  • $42 per ft2  for 1.5" Carved HDU
  • $48 per ft2  for 2" Carved HDU 

NOTES: 2 ft2 minimum charge per sign. When calculating ft2 we always round up to nearest full fton each sign. For customer supplied material please subtract $6 per ft2. Since the success of any project has a lot to due with the suitability and condition of a substrate, we can not guarantee any particular result from customer supplied materials. 


For CNC information call 828-774-5801 or email your design to