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Wholesale Cut Shapes

Do you need a special shape? We can cut unique shapes out of any of our stock substrates. Cut ovals, letters or symbols are common.  

  • $1.50 per ft2  for a single vector shape.
  • $4 per ft2  for up to 12 shapes cut in a 4' x 8' area.
  • $5 per ft2  for up to 48 shapes cut in a 4' x 8' area.
  • $6 per ft2  for up to 192 shapes cut in a 4' x 8' area.
  • $16 per ft2  for embossed lettering. Includes shape cuts. V-Carve is recommended for embossed lettering. 

NOTES: $48 minimum CNC charge applies to any project (except single vector shape). For aluminum .080 or thicker, add $2 per ft2. Complicated or intricate designs may incur additional charges due to added fabrication time. List prices are for shapes cut from substrates purchased from Blue Ridge Sign Supply. Please add $1 per ft2 for customer supplied substrates. Since the success of any project has a lot to due with the suitability and condition of a substrate, we can not guarantee any particular result from customer supplied materials.  

For CNC information call 828-774-5801 or email your design to info@BlueRidgeSignSupply.com