Cutting Services

Panel Saw Cutting Services

Blue Ridge Sign Supply can cut any of our stock substrates to our customers specifications. Cut squares and rectangles are $4.00 per piece retail price or $2.00 per piece wholesale, regardless of size. The industry standard cutting tolerance is +/- 1/8". For all other shapes or tighter tolerances please see CNC Services below. 

Standard CNC Rotary Cutting Services

Do you need a special shape? We can cut unique shapes out of any of our stock substrates. Cut ovals, letters or symbols are the most common.  Prices ranges from $2.50 to $6.00 per square foot for standard CNC Rotary Cutting. For Laser Cut Acrylic, see below.

  • $2.50 ft for any single shape. Minimum Charge $48.
  • $3 per ft2  for up to 4 shapes cut in a 4' x 8' area. Minimum Charge $48.
  • $4 per ft2  for up to 12 shapes cut in a 4' x 8' area. Minimum Charge $64.
  • $5 per ft2  for up to 48 shapes cut in a 4' x 8' area. Minimum Charge $86.
  • $6 per ft2  for up to 192 shapes cut in a 4' x 8' area. Minimum Charge $102.

Sheets sized over 4' x 8' and aluminum sheet products are subject to a case-by-case basis and are quoted separately from prices listed above.

Laser Cutting Services (Acrylic Only)

Laser cut acrylic is ideal for signage, displays and art projects that will stand the test of time. Laser cut shapes have a polished edge and may be as thick as 1/2" and as large as 16" x 28". It is lightweight, easy to install and may be used indoor or outdoor. Clear and white acrylic is stocked in-house, colored acrylic is ordered weekly. Production time is typically 4-5 days after receipt of acrylic.

For shapes larger than 16" x 28" please see Standard Rotary CNC Cutting Services (above).

For more information on pricing, see our Laser Cutting Price Guide for complete pricing information.

CNC File Requirements

You may provide us a vector graphics file of the shape you require or cut out cardboard template of the shape. For cardboard templates, please use cardboard that is at least 1/4" thick. Your template is placed on the CNC bed and traced with a probe to create a digital file. Tracing services start at $25 per pattern depending on complexity.


For CNC information call 828-774-5801 or email your design to