Coro Claw 4mm

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The Saw Trax Manufacturing’s Coro Claw flute cutter makes it easy to cut or score corrugated plastic materials such as Coroplast along the flutes. The mounted blade between two guide prongs and ergonomic handle allows you to make precise cuts along the flutes through stiff plastic signs, posters, pictures, and sheet. Cut your Coroplast sheets into small pieces, crop pictures. Score cut without affecting the printed side for POP displays. This is great for making boxes, containers or custom shapes for packaging..

• Designed for cutting 4mm but can cut up to 6mm.
• Score and cut Corrugated Plastic material.
• Ergonomic handle makes cutting easy.
• Mounted blade between two guide prongs.
• Cut with inside prong, score with outside prong.
• Patented bevel blade.

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