SawTrax Sign Maker Series 52

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SawTrax Sign Maker's Series Vertical Panel Saws

Today's sign shops have needs that are unique to their industry. Restricted floor space, exceptional dust sensitivity and a wide variety of substrates and composite materials of different thicknesses are just a few. They use cutting-edge materials to stand up to the different environments where their work will be displayed. In the past, you needed two cutters, a panel saw for your rigid material and a substrate cutter for your softer material. This arrangement was expensive and took up twice the floor space.

Some shops settled for just a substrate cutter. They were limited to what material they can cut, the size blank they could cut, how thick the material they could use and had to settle for only vertical cuts.

With the Sign Maker Panel Saw and Substrate cutter, sign shops now have one machine for all of their cutting needs; you no longer need to buy a panel saw AND a mat-cutter. It is equipped with specialty accessories for cutting all of the substrates, hard and soft, used in the sign industry in both directions, vertically and horizontally. This "all-cutting" substrate cutter is ideal for making precision cuts in sheet goods that are up to 1¾ inches thick.

  • Material Cut Accuracy of 1/64”
  • Patented Accu-Square Alignment System
  • Pivoting OLFA Knife Cutter
  • Makita 5007F 15 Amp 7.25” Circular Saw
  • Cuts a Multitude of Material, insert plates easily changing from Saw to Knife
  • Accu-Glide steel sealed bearings make for smooth repetitive movement
  • Spinning Insert Plate for vertical and rip cuts
  • Dust Hood and Cord Holder
  • Spring Loaded Retraction Mechanism
  • Clean Dust Collection System
  • Spring Hold Down for Material
  • Folding Stand and Frame Wheels
  • Material Depth of cut up to 1.75”
  • Available crosscut heights: Compact 50”, 62” Full Size 50”, 62”, 74”, 88”, 100”

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