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Clear Polycarb Blanks
Clear Polycarb Blanks
Clear Polycarb Blanks

Clear Polycarb Blanks

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Polycarbonate is often used as a lightweight, impact-resistant alternative to acrylic sheets because it is 25 times stronger and almost impossible to break. Large backlit sign faces are typically fabricated from 3/16" thick white polycarbonate. Custom Cut & CNC Services are available.  Cut plastic is not returnable.

EDGE NOTE: If you require a smooth finished edge on your plastic we recommend you purchase acrylic blanks since acrylic can be flame torched to a glass-like edge finish. We offer flame torched edges for $1.50 per running foot.  Polycarbonate can not be flame torched.

Polycarbonate Trade Names:

  • Lexan ®

  • Palsun ® and

  • Makrolon ®

Common Uses:

  • Race car windows

  • Window well covers

  • Machine guarding glass

  • Screen porch enclosures

  • Use where you need a clear panel that is almost impossible to break.

  • Laminated layers of polycarbonate can be engineered to stop various size bullets.

Please note that there is a limited supply of clear plastic sheeting due to an increased demand for protective barriers. Some items may become unavailable and prices are subject to change without notice.



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