DTF T-Shirt Heat Transfers (17" x 11")

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Order custom Direct To Garment (DTF) Gang Sheets. Beautiful, high resolution, prints that can be compared to screen printing – only faster and more efficient. All DTF Sheets have a transparent background and printed on a translucent carrier backing. Prints may be applied to light or dark fabrics. Group your images together on one sheet. Each sheet is 17" X 11" with a printable area of 16" x 10". This is the newer, dry DTF (DDTF), CMYK plus white printing process which eliminates many of the issues that traditional liquid DTF systems have.

Shipping: Each order is shipped for $12.00 anywhere in the continental USA regardless of the number of sheets up to 10 lbs. All DTF orders are shipped directly to customer.

Turnaround Time: 5 - 7 business days to ship USPS depending on order size.

Fabric Compatibility: Prints may be applied directly to cotton, polyester, synthetic, and  blends. Always test one print prior to confirm compatibility.

Sheet Size: 11" x 17". Print area is 16" x 10" Gang your images together and then simply cut them out with scissors and heat press. Always order an extra sheet or two in case of errors.

Design Requirements: Required file format is PNG.  We do not provide any art editing services which include cropping, mirroring, resizing, etc.  Be sure to mirror your print. DTF prints are produced as submitted at 100% size. 

We can cut gang sheets apart and ship ready to press your individual images if desired.  Adds $8 to the cost of a sheet.

How long do DTF Prints last:  The industry standard for DTF/DDTF printed clothing is 25 - 50 washes if washing guidelines are followed. 

DTF Heat Press Settings and Washing Machine Instructions