4-Way Stop Indicator Sign (R1-3)

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  • 4-Way Stop Sign Indicator (R1-3)
    Meets meets Federal and State fabrication requirements. Mounted directly under stop sign at an intersection that has 4 stop signs. 12" x 6" Printed on High Intensity Prismatic sheeting and mounted to .080 heavy gauge aluminum. Typical outdoor life is 10+ years
  • MUTCD Compliant Road Signs
  • Stop Sign (R1-1) Detour Sign Speed Limit Sign Pedestrian Crossing Warning Sign (W11-A2) No Outlet Sign (W14-2) Dead End Sign (W14-1) Pedestrian Warning Sign (W11-2) Curve Right Sign (W1-2R) Curve Left Sign (W1-2L) Right Turn Sign (W1-1R) Handicap Reserved Sign 12 Handicapped Permit Only Sign 12 Handicapped Reserved Sign 12 x 18 Van Accessible Sign 12 Van Accessible Sign 12 Maximum Penalty $250 Sign 12 Van Accessible Sign 12 No Parking Sign (R8-3) No Parking Fire Lane Sign (R7-19) No Parking Fire Lane Sign (R-6-9) No Parking This Side Sign (R7-6-5) No Parking to Corner Sign (R7-6-3) No Parking Any Time Sign (R7-1) No Parking L & R Arrow Sign (R7-1D) RR Crossing Sign (W10-1) Road Closed Sign 48 One Way Right Arrow Sign 36 One Way Left Arrow Sign 36 Do Not Pass Sign (R4-1N) No Thru Trucks Sign 18 No Thru Traffic Sign 18 One Way Left Sign 18 One Way Right Sign 18 Keep Left Sign 24 Keep Right Sign 24 Straight Only Sign 30 Right Turn Only Sign 30 No U Turn Sign (R3-4) 24 Left Turn Sign Left Turn Only Sign 30 No Parking Sign 24 No Trucks Sign 24 No Left Turn Sign 24 No Right Turn Sign 24 All Way Stop Indicator Sign (R1-4) 4-Way Stop Indicator Sign (R1-3) 3-Way Stop Indicator Sign (R1-3a) Yield Sign (R1-2)