Etched Plexiglass (P95)

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Plexiglass is available in both mirror and etched finishes.

Plexiglass Mirror is an excellent replacement for glass mirror since it is half the weight of glass but 17 times stronger. It is much easier and safer to install.

Etched Plexiglass also known as P95. Use P95 translucent sheets for attractive signage or privacy windows and doors. P95 lets light through but objects on other side are obscured. P95 Acrylic Sheet has a matte finish which helps to reduces reflected light. 

Acrylic Sheet trade names:

  • Plexiglas ®
  • Crylux ®
  • Acrylite ®
  • Lucite ®
  • Perspex ® and
  • Crylux ®

Common Uses :

  • Mirror Replacement
  • Dance & Yoga Studios
  • Retail Displays
  • Decorative Backings