In-House Charge Accounts

As a service to our customers, Blue Ridge Sign Supply allows credit worthy customers to charge to an in-house account and pay their account balances on a monthly basis.

Terms of In-house Charge Account 

All purchases that are charged to a Blue Ridge Sign Supply Merchant Account (in-house charge account) on the behalf of any business, individual  or Customer shall be paid within 30 days of account charge. Any invoice that is not paid upon receipt shall be considered due under the terms of the In-house Merchant Account. When any purchase is charged to your In-house Charge Account an email Order Confirmation is emailed to the account holder to notify the account holder that a charge has occurred. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to provide and confirm the accuracy of all email addresses on file.

  • The account holder shall have five business days from the date of sale to dispute any charge to their account that they believe to be inaccurate or fraudulent. All undisputed charges shall be considered valid and payable. The resolution and validity of any disputed invoice is solely determined by Blue Ridge Sign Supply, Inc.
  • In the event any emailed receipt, statement or other correspondence is undeliverable for any reason, all charges will remain due and payable and and subject to all terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. 
  • A late charge of 1.5% per month will be applied to  outstanding balances.
  • All Merchant Account holders are expected to keep a credit or debit card on file with a credit limit adequate to pay any outstanding account balance. The Merchant Account holder authorizes Blue Ridge Sign Supply, Inc. to charge merchant's credit card for any invoices or fees that have become past due.
  • It is expressly agreed that the principal owner(s) of any corporation, LLC, S-Corp or partnership will personally accept financial responsibility for any invoices, claims or charges that have become due and payable and are personally and individually bound to these Terms and Conditions.
  • Customer agrees to pay any and all reasonable attorney and collection fees in the event any collection process is initiated by Blue Ridge Sign Supply, Inc. due to a delinquent account status.


Statements are emailed on the first of each month. Your payment is due by the 10th of that same month. 

Past Due Statements

Past Due Statements are sent out every Friday after the 10th of the month. All past due accounts are charged a 1.5% per month late fee on any open balance after 30 days. Accounts past due 60 days are suspended and turned over to APR Collections, a national debt collection company. APR reports unpaid balances to the Credit Bureaus.

American Profit Recovery (APR)
Phone: (833) 227-4606