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Asheville's very own Dave Harwood of All Signs and Letters is featured in November's SignCraft Magazine.  Read the full SignCraft article below and while you're at it, subscribe to SignCraft. You will SAVE $10 on the standard subscription price compliments of Blue Ridge Sign Supply.  


I was thirty-three years old when I started making signs. Prior to that, I had owned other businesses, but my background was in art, and I just wasn’t satisfied by owning an auto parts franchise! A friend of mine helped me get underway with sign making in 1993. Since that time, things have changed a bit. I now subcontract most of the work that I used to do in house, leaving me the much-needed time to design signs, see customers, and actually create signs and art in a different way. I downsized my shop to 500 square feet, and am set up mostly for signs made of metal. I live in Asheville, North Carolina, a small city that is all about the arts culture. My customers actually led me to start creating what they wanted most. Over the last ten years I’ve converted my business primarily to CNC plasma-cut lettering, logos, fully dimensional signs and... more

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