TrueCut Gold Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

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Spice up your projects with TrueCut Gold Holographic Adhesive Vinyl! This quirky vinyl boasts a fiery-red to deep ocean blue opalescent shimmer that will catch eyes from every angle like it's "Oil Slick" or "Opal" material. It's perfect for any printer and any job, whether you're making unique decals, funky packaging, bold product labels, trendy wristbands, or attention-grabbing Point of Purchase (POP) Displays. With no shim lines and a strong permanent adhesive that's scratch-resistant, you can easily cut and weed this film for a sleek finish. Plus, it's made in the U.S.A. and ships on a convenient 3" inch core. Get your creative juices flowing with TrueCut EFX21!