TrueCut Gold Glitter Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

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This adhesive vinyl boasts a dazzling holographic effect, with colors ranging from fiery red to deep ocean blue. Also known as "Oil Slick" or "Opal" vinyl, this film creates a unique appearance from every angle of light. It has a thickness of 3 mil and can be printed on using Eco Solvent, Solvent, UV, and Latex printers. The 90# lay flat liner and permanent adhesive ensure longevity and durability, with a 5+ year outdoor lifespan. There are no visible shim lines and it is scratch-resistant, making it perfect for various applications such as decals, packaging, labels, wristbands, and even Point of Purchase (POP) displays. This vinyl is also easy to cut and weed, and works well on Mylar bags. It is also eco-friendly, being 100% phthalate-free and made in the USA. All orders come on a 3" inch core for easy handling.