FDC 2407 Fleet Grade Reflective Vinyl 15" x 150'

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FDC 2407 is a 7-yr, 5.9 mil Premium Flexible Engineering Grade Reflective Film – This glass beaded retro-reflective vinyl film renders excellent reflectivity at night. This product is for fleet and vehicle markings where riveted and corrugated surfaces may be required. This film is highly resistant to the extremes of hot, cold, dry and humid weathering conditions. 

Other Roll Sizes and Color Options:

002 White (Reflective) 003 Black (Reflective) 008 Brown (Reflective) 004 Gold (Reflective) 006 Yellow (Reflective) 009 Orange (Reflective) 001 Red (Reflective) 060 Ruby Red (Reflective) 005 Blue (Reflective) 017 Sapphire Blue (Reflective) 011 Green (Reflective)