No Right Turn 24"x24" (R3-1)

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No Right Turn Sign that meets Federal and State fabrication requirements (R3-1). 24" x 24" Printed on High Intensity Prismatic sheeting and mounted to .080 heavy gauge aluminum. Typical outdoor life is 10+ years
  • MUTCD Compliant Road Signs
  • Stop Sign (R1-1) Detour Signs Speed Limit Signs Pedestrian Crossing Warning Sign (W11-A2) No Outlet Sign (W14-2) Dead End Sign (W14-1) Pedestrian Warning Sign (W11-2) Curve Right (W1-2R) Curve Left (W1-2L) Right Turn (W1-1R) Handicap Reserved 12 Handicapped Permit Only 12 Handicapped Reserved 12 x 18 Van Accessible 12 Van Accessible 12 Maximum Penalty $250 12 Van Accessible 12 No Parking (R8-3) No Parking Fire Lane (R7-19) No Parking Fire Lane (R-6-9) No Parking This Side (R7-6-5) No Parking to Corner (R7-6-3) No Parking Any Time (R7-1) No Parking L & R Arrow (R7-1D) RR Crossing (W10-1) Road Closed 48 One Way Right Arrow 36 One Way Left Arrow 36 Do Not Pass (R4-1N) No Thru Trucks 18 No Thru Traffic 18 One Way Left 18 One Way Right 18 Keep Left 24 Keep Right 24 Straight Only 30 Right Turn Only 30 No U Turn (R3-4) 24 Left Turn Sign Regulatory Signs No Parking 24 No Trucks 24 No Left Turn 24 No Right Turn 24 All Way Stop Indicator (R1-4) 4-Way Stop Indicator (R1-3) 3-Way Stop Indicator (R1-3a) Yield Sign (R1-2)